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Our designer will assist you to fill out our onboarding form to obtain all necessary information to start creating your personalized design.

Please prepare the following items before the meeting:

  • Floor plan of your space
  • Measurement estimate
  • Furnitures required

During the meeting, our designers will provide you with a personalized link that you can use to access the progress, schedule the next appointment and download meeting notes.

After 3 to 5 working days, our designer will come up with a design for you. During the proposal meeting, our team will present to you the proposed design based on the brief that you have filled previously.

All revisions and amendments will be addressed during this meeting.

During the revision meeting, our designers will present the final design that have been revised. Please note that during this meeting, any revisions or amendment will not be made into a 3D rendering.

From the client area (which can be accessed through the personalized link that have been provided), you will be able to download all deliverables that have been produced throughout the process.

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